OpenGeo Suite for Red Hat Linux??

This document describes how to manage installaton of OpenGeo Suite for Red Hat-based distributions, such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS.


While QGIS is often paired with the rest of OpenGeo Suite, it is not currently bundled as a package by Boundless. We do not recommend running QGIS on the same machine as OpenGeo Suite, as package conflicts will occur. Instead, you can use QGIS on a different machine and connect to OpenGeo Suite services from there.

Please select the option that best matches your system:

For new installations.
Updating a minor version
For minor version updates. To update from OpenGeo Suite 4.x, start here.
Updating a major version
For major version updates. To update from OpenGeo Suite 3.x, start here.
Upgrading to OpenGeo Suite Enterprise
For upgrading to OpenGeo Suite Enterprise.
After installation: Working with OpenGeo Suite for Red Hat Linux
Useful information about the installation.
Red Hat Linux packages
List of packages and their functions.
For removing OpenGeo Suite packages.