OpenGeo Suite for Windows??

This document describes how to manage installaton of OpenGeo Suite for Windows.

OpenGeo Suite for Windows consists of two installer packages. One installer contains everything except for QGIS, which is broken out into a separate installer. These installer packages can be installed separately or together.

The primary OpenGeo Suite installer has the most components, so the bulk of this section will be devoted to it.

Please select the option that best matches your system:

For new installations.
Updating a minor version
For minor version updates. To update from OpenGeo Suite 4.x, start here.
Updating a major version
For major version updates. To update from OpenGeo Suite 3.x, start here.
Upgrading to OpenGeo Suite Enterprise
For upgrading to OpenGeo Suite Enterprise.
After installation: Working with OpenGeo Suite for Windows
Useful information about the installation.
List of components and their functions.
For removing OpenGeo Suite.