Working with libjpeg-turbo??

The libjpeg-turbo extension provides a significant performance enhancement for JPEG encoding in GeoServer WMS output (up to 40% faster than with no native libraries, equal or greater performance than with Native ImageIO).

This is installed and configured by default in OpenGeo Suite Enterprise installers. For OpenGeo Suite for Application Servers, the GeoServer extension is installed by default, but the native libraries will need to be manually installed.


To perform the installation of the libjpeg-turbo native libraries:

  1. Download the latest stable package for your platform. Make sure to match the architecture (32 or 64 bit).


    For Windows, make sure that you download a Visual C++ binary (filename that includes -vc.exe or -vc64.exe). The default download uses the GCC binaries, which are not sufficient.

  2. Perform the installation.

  3. (Windows only) Make sure that the location where the DLL files were installed is added to your system’s PATH environment variable.

  4. (Linux only) Make sure that the location where the library files were installed is added to your system’s LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable for the Java process. This may happen automatically.

  5. Restart GeoServer.


For more information, please see the GeoServer documentation or the libjpeg-turbo website.


The libjpeg-turbo functionality doesn’t contain a visual verification through the GeoServer UI. Instead, it will be written into the GeoServer logs:

WARN [turbojpeg.TurboJPEGMapResponse] - The turbo jpeg encoder is available for usage

If you see a message like the above, then libjpeg-turbo was installed successfully.